RAV Public School has always aspired to be an educational institution, where holistic learning is prioritized. Our founders had envisioned the summary of education, as life force that enables good livelihood, strengths moral character and develops a powerful intellect. Hence the guiding mission of our school stands stated as under mentioned:-

⇒ Being an institution that builds strong, enabled, empowered citizens of tomorrow.
⇒ An“Integrated”curriculum that aim global but roots itself in “Indianness.
⇒ “Revisiting” the lessons we have learnt from the past and using them as the tools for future learning.
⇒ “Long” term planning with clear focus on preparing our students for tomorrow’s society.
⇒ Defining realistic, attainable “aims” and then redefining them as and when needed.
⇒ “Volunteering” to take extra responsibilities towards social welfare specially catering to the underprivileged.
⇒ Involving parents, as a part of our team to create more bonding.
⇒ Dutifulness” as the most treasured value. The school lays enormous stress on defining and accepting the duties-personal, social & moral-head on.
⇒ Yearly evaluation of our progress with introspection and retrospection about our growth.
⇒ Attainment of 100% computer literacy and techno saviness amongst all our students.
⇒ Nobility in deeds and characters. This is a mission that we incorporate in all our endeavous.
⇒ Individual attention to the students with the realization that every student is unique and hence is entitled to a different treatment.
⇒ Knowledge banking, knowledge sharing. Recognizing knowledge as the final transformation of all informations.
⇒ Empowering the faculty members with adequate training and motivation to raise their own indices of achievements.
⇒ Training in different skills and domains with an aim to respect manual labour.

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