More often than not, education is generally seen more in the context of mental growth and knowledge acquisition, something dealing with the head than the heart, notwithstanding the fact that if the head symbolizes intelligence, heart is symbolic of emotion and all other human virtues. Therefore, contrary to the common perception, education is meant to do equal good to the human sensibilities and sensitivities, behavioural patterns, social attitudes and the emotional well being, for the individual and the society to benefit from. That is educating the mind and the heart, and thus, filling the fathomless void with emotional affinity, spiritual warmth and fellow feeling – humanistic traits that matter as much to a young learner, as the academic excellence. And, it is here that learning beyond classrooms, plays the vital role.

Every child has something divine, something original, a spark of perfection and strength in a panorama that God offers him or her to take or refuse. Our task is to explore it, encourage and develop it and inspire its application for the good of mankind. For us teaching is an aptitude for expectation, encouragement, patience, liberation and restraint, and learning, a delightful process of experimenting and experiencing in a dedicated and dynamic environment.