Literary and Cultural Activities

India has a rich tradition of folk music, dance, arts and crafts. The students are constantly exposed to these art forms with a view to develop awareness of Indian heritage and culture. The school patronises the SPICMCAY which regularly sends world renowned artistes and performers of various classical music and dance forms to perform in the school. The students also bring to stage various folk music and dance forms in an annual event called The Evening of Song and Dance. Besides this, the students take keen interest in staging plays and conducting literary events like debate, declamation, recitation and public speaking. Exhibitions are held to display concepts and models pertaining to various subjects fabricated by the students themselves.

Adventure / Educational Activities

Being in the lap of nature and nestling at the foothills of the Himalayas provides ample scope for treks through the forests and mountains and leisurely picnics on the riverside. Holidays are spent exploring nature or else being taken on guided tours of various scientific research organizations/ museums in the area.

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